Out of the Box Applications that fit the way your organization works on the Box Content Cloud.

Within days you can extend your Box environment with robust Applications such as Contracts Management, Digital Asset Management and Document Management just to name a few.

Built from the ground up on the Box Content Cloud, Crooze provide the platform to configure robust & secure solutions with NO coding.

Watch a Live Demo and see for yourself why enterprise CIO’s are raving about Crooze

Organizations are rapidly expanding their Box deployments beyond Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing with Crooze.  Box + Crooze provides you the ability to replace your legacy on-premise ECM content applications and deploy new innovative ECM apps. By moving to the Box Content Cloud you can achieve significant cost savings, but most of all greatly enhance user acceptance and adoption.

Contracts Management for Box

Fastest and easiest way to manage, collaborate and search for your contracts

Digital Asset Management for Box

Unlock the power of your content and enhance your brand

MetaData Tools for Box & BoxSkills

Dramatically reduce the time and effort of adding, analyzing and modifying Box Metadata

Controlled Documents for Box

Move all your Controlled Document Libraries to the cloud including Policies & Procedures, Financial, Sales and Support just to name a few

Turn-key solutions that any company can quickly deploy

See how Crooze can unify your enterprise content on Box

into one, seamless system for better business performance

Organizations have strived for years to provide their users with document management capability in order to solve mission critical business requirements.   Key challenge has been how to maximize user adoption while controlling costs.   Crooze solutions help companies Configure, Manage and Deploy MetaData, Collaboration and Document Management based Apps.  With over 12 years of continuous development, Crooze has evolved and innovated by listening to the current trends and all our users feedback. Today, Crooze powers thousands of users in small and large enterprises for many of their strategic Collaborative Content Management Apps.

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