Pricing Policy

Last Updated: August 17, 2016

What this Pricing Policy covers

This Pricing Policy covers how we price Crooze’s cloud applications.

Free Trial Plans (Kanbans Only)

There is no charge for Free Trial Account.

Business and Enterprise Plans

These are paid accounts that are priced on a per user basis.  Subscriptions are based on a monthly or annual basis.  Your credit card will be charge at the start of each period. There are no refunds.

You are able to add additional users to your account at anytime.   Pricing will be prorated for the remaining term of your current subscription and your credit card will be charge at time of purchase.

Your subscription plan will auto renew at the end of your current monthly or annual period.

You are able to reduce the number of users in your account.  At your next auto renew billing period you will be charge for the user count you specify.

There are no refunds, however you are able to cancel your subscription at anytime.  Your current plan will be active until the current monthly or annual subscription runs out and your plan will not auto renew.

For additional details please refer to Crooze’s Terms of Service at:   Section 7: Term and Termination and Section 19: Fees and Payments.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about Crooze Pricing Policy. You may contact us at