Metadata is key to supporting mission critical disciplines such as Document Control, Document Management, EH&S, Collateral, Audit, SOP’s, CAPA, DAM and Technical Libraries just to name a few.  Organizations put lots of time and energy into these efforts since folder structures alone are not enough in order to meet compliance requirements or simply help users find information.  MetaData Tools for Box and BoxSkills excel at meeting the needs of organizations that want to securely leverage metadata with Box.

Metadata Tools for Box and BoxSkills

MetaData Tools for Box dramatically reduce the time and effort of adding, analyzing and modifying Box Metadata (up to 95% increase in productivity).  In addition, create beautiful MetaData based Box solutions and apps in minutes.

  • MetaData Uploader: Simplifies the effort of uploading new content with metadata.  Support for required metadata, inherited metadata, file preview plus drag and drop.
  • MetaData Modeler: Cuts the time and cost of adding, analyzing and modifying metadata with existing Box content and folders.
  • MetaData Template Search Builder and Configurator: Visually design and configure rich Box MetaData base dashboards and solutions in minutes to improve the overall productivity, responsiveness and compliance of your organization.  Deploys to both web browsers and Crooze’s native iOS iPhones, iPad apps.
  • Advanced Dashboards and Apps
  • Insightful MetaData Bases Searches
  • Saved & Related Metadata Searches
  • Export MetaData to Excel, CSV and Clipboard
  • Specialized Printing
  • Advanced Filtering
  • Social Sharing
  • Leverages Box’s Permission Model

See MetaData Tools for Box and BoxSkills in action  [button color=”see-through” hover_text_color_override=”#fff” size=”small” url=”” text=”request demo” color_override=””]