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Do you want to do more with your Box deployment?  Most companies we know have successfully implemented Box for Basic File Sharing, File System and Drives, plus Secured FTP.   Ease of use and deployment has driven adoption.  But deploying traditional Enterprise Content Management (ECM) use cases is hard.

This blog is about how to succeed at deploying ECM use cases on Box with the ease of use and deployment standards you desire.  We will publish successful strategies you can easily adopt, customer success stories and use cases plus information on toolsets that will accelerate your efforts and lower your costs when deploying ECM apps on Box.

The reason ECM use cases are traditionally hard to implement is they are driven by your organizational business processes.  Example: Quality Management, Controlled Documents or Brand Management content systems all require specific configurations and functionality that map to your current work processes that helps users get things done in a compliant manner.  We will delve into the details in future posts.

Box use cases

Typical Use Cases

Basic Sync & Share
File Shares & Drives
Secured FTP
Virtual Deal Rooms

ECM Use Cases

Document Management
Controlled Documents
Digital Asset Management
Brand Management
Quality Management
EH&S Management
Vendor File Management
eTMF Management
Well File Management
Contract Management
Collateral Management
Facilities Management
plus many more…

Other Use Cases

Custom Apps
Custom Portals

Why do traditional ECM on Box?

In short… User Acceptance, Costs & Workforce Productivity enhancements.   There are many ECM use cases that can be deployed more effectively with the new capabilities that Box and Crooze provide.  When each ECM use case is configured correctly, users will adopt the new environment better because they will be able to get things done more effectively.  Traditional ECM Systems typically have significant problems mostly driven by complex user interfaces, limited internal access, and high system / support costs.  Legacy OnPrem ECM systems inherently force companies to spend the majority amount of their time and money maintaining infrastructure (planning upgrades, upgrading, applying patches, creating and maintaining custom code, troubleshooting technical issues) instead of allocating that time to deploying desirable content apps quickly for their users.   With Box and Crooze your free to focus on what matters most, your business.

Let’s keep the conversation going.   Suggest any topics or use cases you would like to hear about or discuss.

Let’s do more with Box!