Crooze Controlled Documents for Box

***NEW*** Easily manage your most valuable documents and stay compliant.

Simple way to Manage and Deploy Your Controlled Documents

Simple to Use • Simple to Deploy • Simple to Stay Compliant

Box customers can be up and running in minutes

Search and Find

Designed from the ground up to be the Simplest Control Document Management system in the industry.  Dramatically enhance users ability to find content.   Casual Users require NO training.   You can define up to 4 users roles.  Expose only the functionally you desire.    Your user will love it.

  • Branded Dashboard
  • List View Searches
  • Advanced Filtering
  • Multi-Valued Searches
  • Cascading MetaData Searches
  • Thumbnail View Searches
  • Highly Configurable and Customizable

Advanced Uploader

Whether you have 1 file or 100,000 files, Crooze toolsets get your assets uploaded with MetaData quickly.

  • Rapid Bulk Uploader
  • Configure Require MetaData
  • Inherent MetaData
  • Advanced DataSources and Mapping
  • AutoScan for metadata extraction (Names, IPTC, Exif, XMP, MP3, MP4, WAV)
  • AutoFile to maintain a consistent taxonomy
  • Mass Uploading Service (Scripts)

Controlled Document Library

You can be assured your policies and procedures are safe and available because they are stored and maintained in Box.

  • System Metadata
  • Custom Metdata
  • Audit Control
  • Governance
  • Enterprise Permissions


Maximize your productivity by significantly reducing the time it takes to manage your content.

  • Bulk adding of Metadata
  • Bulk editing of Metadata
  • Search based editing of MetaData
  • Version Control
  • Related Assets
  • Metadata Analysis

Advanced Functionality

Streamline your controlled document processes using advanced functionality that allows you save time and effort.

  • Receive notifications that a document needs to be reviewed
  • Related Items allows you to create and view relationships between documents
  • Flexible Data Sources allows you to define large lookup lists and secure those lists
  • Multi-Valued Attributes (MVAs) allows you to present users with the right content.


Inherent in Crooze Controlled Document Management for Box is the ability to leverage all that Box has to offer

  • Box Platform
  • Box API
  • Box Apps
  • Box Marketplace (100’s of apps integrated with Box)
  • Crooze Search In/Out Linking

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