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Manage Metadata for Box Word Add-in

By March 1, 2016July 10th, 2018Uncategorized

Introducing Manage Metadata for Box Word Add-in

From within Word, you can now manage metadata on your file.  This keeps you in your typical workflow.

To launch from the Home Tab in your Office Ribbon locate your Manage Metadata button.
Note:  If you are using Internet Explorer you are required to log in to prior to loading the Add-in.

Instruction on how to use our Word Add-in


Log in to Crooze with your standard Box User Name and Password.

Open Word

You can open Word documents from Box Drive or open Word documents from the Box Web Interface using Microsoft Word Online.
Note: Working with documents opened from Box Web Interface using the desktop version of Microsoft Word is not currently supported on Windows.

Add a new Metadata Template:

If there is no Metadata template on your file when you first log in you will be able to select the Metadata template your desire. Select the Metadata template, then add your metadata and save.

Edit Metadata.

Once the Metadata template is on your file it is as simple as editing the template that shows up for your file.

Contact us at if you have any questions.