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Digital Assets Management with Box and Crooze – Part 4 of 4

By July 20, 2016February 9th, 2017Digital Asset Management Use Cases

Find Digital Assets and Share

This post covers how users find digital assets and deliver them to users.  The overall process was streamlined so the organization can get things done more efficiently. 
As new images are added from photo shoots, those images, now digital assets, need to be shared within the organization. To make the content readily accessible the on-line retailer decided to use search with thumbnails. Here is a screenshot of the image.

Their marketing group also needs to create a list of assets they recommend for used in upcoming campaign. These collections of images or Lightboxes can be shared with others simply by using a link.

One process that was tedious for users was generating a link to use on the e-commerce website. The steps required to generate the link were not complicated but presented a barrier to adoption. They worked with Crooze Services to add a small customization to allow users to get the required link in a single click.
The on-line retailer used searches to support other business processes. They liked that the searches were easy to modify in response to changes in how users wanted to view  information and that searches could easily be distributed in Box or using the PowerSearch Dashboard.